How to Setup A Brother Scanner In Linux Mint 17

While Brother's Support Site has generally accurate and up-to-date instructions and information as to how to get your scanner set up and working under basically all popular Linux distros, the way the information is organized (spread across arcane portions of the site, and across at least 7 pages), has irritated me enough over several deployments over the last year or so to the point where I thought I'd finally bite the bullet and take a moment to transcribe my notes for my most recent installation of a document fed Brother Scanner (specifically, an

New server deployment on VPS encryption idea

Just got done deploying via do droplet, replete with nginx, mysql, php, drupal 8, and drush from scratch, and - since scripting this sort of basic deployment has been on my mind for over three to five years now... long before the convenience of digitalocean droplets - basically tried to standardize this sort of deployment via script. I didn't have time to follow through with that (at least, not entirely), especially since's dashboard incentivizes me to be lazy via allowing me to simply snapshot deployments.