Hot-Time and Hardcore:

I'm a programmer, poet, pianist, sysadmin, journalist, composer, artist, bookmaker, game critic, podcaster, and many other things. This site is kind of like the official clearinghouse/resume/gallery/and madhouse central aggregation zone for everything I'm working on. Unfortunately, very much like my tattoos, I can't actually bear to allow someone else to work on or design this site... and yet - perversely - I'm also far more interested in actually working on the projects and things that I am actually working on - as opposed to providing comprehensive catalogues of such endeavors in a beautiful, easy-to-navigate, and visually arresting html5-driven showcase. Just the same, it's high time that I try to consolodate all of my various projects into something resembling a portfolio (be it for coding, design, compositon, stride piano, or just general madness). To that end, I'm working - at however glacial a pace - on building this place out as a resource for prospective employers, likeminded individuals, prospective collaborators, and the world at large, to learn more than they should probably ever want to know about who I am and what I do. So, if you're trying to find a programmer/designer, Stride Pianist, copywriter, composer, systems administrator, stringer, consultant, artist, or maker of hand-bound books, you're in the right place. If you are a programmer or designer and would like to lend a hand on some of my FOSS projects, welcome! If you have no idea why you're here, don't feel bad: I'm quite sure that most of us feel the same way throughout much of our day. So check out my projects and resumes and rants, my videos and recordings and press clippings, etc., etc., and please don't be afraid to contact me. Cheers!

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