About Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan

Poet, Stride Pianist, Journalist, Author, Composer, Critic, Podcaster, Programmer, Calligrapher, Bookbinder, Artist, FOSS Advocate, Sysadmin, Freelancer and Stringer-At-Large, Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan is a double-barreled lunatic whose principal interests run towards HOT JAZZ, LOOSE WOMEN, GOOD SOFTWARE, EXCELLENT DESIGN, EXQUISITELY CHEAP WHISKEY, CLEAN COPY, VICIOUS DEADLINES, and - above all else - working towards the future with the earnest hope that his efforts advance the Truth (regardless of the often hilarious clataclysmic disasters and awkwardness such hopelessly idealistic endeavors create), and that his meager contributions (in code, idea, art, instruction, and as an object lesson in ellegant catastrophe, etc.) help to ammeliorate the difficulties that future generations may face should they chose to also live in service of such a passion.