All That Bloggers Want From A CMS

After innumerable years of working with (and an equally ridiculously number of deployments) Drupal, WordPress, and basically every type of content management system in between (including three different CMSystems which I built from the ground up), I am here to tell you *EVERYTHING* that the vast majority of bloggers now want/expect/wish-to-unholy-hell-actually-existed from a CMS.

1: HTML5/Javascript creation interface consisting of 2 fields: SUBJECT and BODY. All that matters beyond these two criteria is that this (hellaciously bold and miraculously innovative interface to new content creation) follows the basic characteristics outlined in...

... 2: The platform generates (even a CATASTROPHICALLY UGLY, 1998-era) blogroll whose "theme" is "responsive" and JUST F****ING RENDERS a paged blogroll that auto-scales to all devices and browsers. 

3: AS A BONUS, said "theme" could provide a simple %-based configuration interface where the blogger can (utilizing the high-tech bleeding-edge new-hotness of standard HTML FORM FIELDS) adjust the global settings for the margins and padding percentages of the way their posts are presented. If we wanted to get FUCKING CRAZY (and really, just stepped out on the edge between what is possible with current technology and pure, idealistic madness), said interface might also allow the user the abilities to set the bg color of the "main page," the bg color for the "body" of the entries, the text to display at the top of the "main page" (i.i.: THE TITLE OF THE BLOG), and (perhaps, one day in the far-flung future) might even be allowed to set the color of the body text, the subject text, hyperlinks, and the BG color of auto-generating, left-mounted, date-based blog index.

This is ALL that they want.

Oh, silly bloggers; dreaming such an impossible dream. 

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